By Winnie Ennenga,
Director, Office of Grant and Contract Services

CayusePreparing proposals and managing projects is about to become more streamlined and easier with Cayuse SP (Sponsored Projects), which is expected to go live in the fourth quarter of 2012. This user-friendly system is an extension to the Cayuse 424 software that has enabled us to make significant advances in electronic routing and submission of proposals.

If you like Cayuse 424, there is even more to like about Cayuse SP. Both versions reduce paperwork and bureaucracy, but Cayuse SP extends this to many more actions and allows us to rely for the first time on an integrated package for pre-award and nonfinancial post-award sponsored project information. In other words, all proposal information (except financial data) will now be in one place. The PeopleSoft system will continue to be the go-to-system for financial data.

Cayuse SP will significantly expand our pre-award capabilities, allow direct management of post-award nonfinancial actions, and enable faculty to access, view, and report their proposals and awards in a multitude of ways. Some of the benefits of Cayuse SP include:

  • Streamlined entry. Automated entry features will not only save proposal writers preparation time, but they will also allow the Office of Grants and Contract Services (OGCS) to focus more on proposal development and other support activities.
  • Greater accuracy and time savings because information will be entered only once; data will be mapped directly into the Access and PeopleSoft systems instead of being entered separately into each system.
  • Ability to share data with other offices because Cayuse SP will allow OGCS to route proposals to the appropriate staff for review (e.g., IRB, IACUC, Regulatory Compliance, Intellectual Property).
  • Expanded workflow capabilities. Faculty, chairs, and deans will be able to access information quickly through a user-friendly dashboard interface. 
  • Ease of working with documents in the review process. Comments can be added and stored permanently in Cayuse SP, allowing users to view all activity associated with a project in one place.
  • Enhanced data collection will allow OGCS to track and report on information related to strategic initiatives and also allow faculty to retrieve information either through the delivered reports or in queries written by OGCS. 
  • Immediately searchable data. Proposal data, for example, will be available for reporting as soon as it is entered, and principal investigators will be able to see everything in their portfolios. The data also will become part of the NAU Data Warehouse for use by other offices.
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