Two New NAU Research Reports

By Bill Grabe, NAU Vice President for Research

Over the past few months, the Office of the Vice President for Research has generated two internal reports on research productivity at NAU. The first is the NAU Incites Report.  This report identifies research productivity at NAU on the basis of publication and citation data drawn from the Thompson-Reuters Web of Knowledge database. The second report is the 2012 NAU Research Enterprise Annual Report. I would like to share a few highlights from each of these reports.

NAU Incites Report

The NAU Incites Report has been distributed to university vice presidents and President Haeger's Cabinet. This report describes faculty publication and citation data centering on three areas of comparison: NAU's yearly publication and citation record over the past decade, individual NAU faculty publication and citation productivity, and NAU''s publication and citation record in comparison with peer universities, both collectively and at the level of key subfields.  We report three key results here:

  1. NAU publications, as identified in the Web of Knowledge database, reveal a consistent publication level of between 315 to 385 publications per year, with 2006, 2009, and 2011 being high years, and 2004 and 2012 being lower years. At the same time, citation data (in which other authors have cited articles with an NAU author) rose from 4,000 citations in 2003 to 11,000 citations in 2012. Congratulations NAU faculty!
  2. NAU publication productivity over the past five years places NAU 14th among 16 peer universities. This is equivalent to our faculty size in relation to our peer universities (14th in number of tenure and tenure track faculty). At the same time, our citation record over the past five years places NAU 12th among our 16 peer institutions. So the impact of our publications is relatively strong.
  3. Specific academic subfields at NAU rank very high in comparison with the 16 peer universities in terms of publication and citation data. Ecology at NAU ranks first among the 16 universities; Geosciences and Geology, Forestry, and Microbiology rank second, Language & Linguistics ranks third, and Environmental Sciences ranks fourth.

2012 NAU Research Enterprise Annual Report

2012 Annual Report

2012 NAU Research Enterprise Annual Report

The NAU annual research report identifies innovative research work being carried out at NAU, highlights student research work, and provides overview data on research productivity for FY 2012 (July 1, 2011, to June 30, 2012). In FY 2012, NAU''s total reported research expenditures amounted to $28.1 million. Federal R&D expenditures were the second highest on record at NAU at slightly more than $16 million. Federal awards for all categories (research, public service instruction, etc.) amounted to approximately 70% of all award dollars. Total award dollars in all categories amounted to $47.6 million. It should also be noted that, at the same time that NAU faculty are maintaining consistently high levels of award dollars, the tenure and tenure-track faculty numbers at NAU have shrunk by 77 faculty in the past five years. Thus, the faculty currently at NAU are more productive than at any time in the past. Again, congratulations NAU faculty!

In closing, I also want to point faculty to a number of reports posted on the OVPR website, including the 2012 ABOR Annual Research Report. This report highlights the research metrics that impact NAU's performance funding. It also reports a large amount of data to compare our performance with that of our peer institutions (and includes similar data for UA and ASU, although not provided for comparison purposes).

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